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Praise & Criticism for The Ninth Avatar

"The Ninth Avatar is a very fast read that literally hits the ground running. From the very first page the reader is engulfed in the clash of arms…."
-E.L. Fay, author of This Book and I Could Be Friends
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"The characters are well developed, unique, and intriguing. They are by no means two-dimensional cyphers, nor are they homogeneous in a way which might be seen as peculiar to the genre—they are complex, with elements of good and bad, dark and light, interwoven within the ethos of their quiddity—much as real-world beings are... It is a very readable book and will be consumed with relish by lovers of the genre."
-John McDonald, New York Journal of Books
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"Todd Newton has some amazing talent that I'm sure readers of fantasy will be coming across in the future.... It'll be amazing to see what becomes of this talent and to see it channeled into future novels."
-Cindy Hannikman, author of Fantasy Book Critic
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"Todd Newton has a great imagination and really does a good job of realizing that imagination through the story... [The book] is filled with great ideas which are apparent with each turn of the page."
-Only The Best Science Fiction
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"Flying wizards, an army of the reanimated dead, a giant alabaster gargoyle, dragons, oh my! All of this should be lending itself to a great epic story of adventure, excitement and grand fantasy. But it all just comes off...awkward."
-Clifton Hill, Artist/Writer
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"My impressions of the book are divided largely between the different character sections. There were a few character arcs that I always enjoyed reading and a few that grated on me. In particular, I was interested in everything to do with Cairos, a wizard whose city was destroyed by the Carrion army. I could have easily read an entire book that centered around him and his magic – his sections read easily and the small glimpse of his backstory was immediately interesting."
-luthieneponine, Blogger and fellow ASOIAF fan
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